Chilly beaver rescue

Kent based BDMLR Medics assisted by the Environment Agency captured an errant beaver at Western Undercliff beach, Ramsgate, on 16 April.

The beaver, suspected of coming from a nearby established colony, was located on the beach’s main groyne. Beavers are aquatic mammals, but are native to fresh water not salt, so was out of its natural habitat.

Two experienced Medics and an Environment Agency operative used a net to catch the beaver in tricky sea conditions. It was then taken to a local vet. After undergoing an assessment and health check it was found to be cold, so was warmed in a bath before being transferred to a pen with a heat lamp. It is currently continuing its rehabilitation and will be monitored to ensure it is healthy before being released back into the wild.

Many thanks to Medics Mark Noone, Martyn Farrier, Jodie Moore, Harry Moody-Smith, Mark and Rebecca Douglas, and Sheila Stone along with Ben Morris from the environment agency.

All images by Rebecca Douglas (