How you can help…

There are various ways to help us continue our vital work.

BDMLR is a people’s charity. We are a collection of supporters who help in many ways. Some are happy to remain on the sidelines watching our work and supporting us with a yearly subscription. Others want to get much more hands on and enroll on our training course to become a Marine Mammal Medic. And then there are still more who like to ensure our work continues by donating to various projects to help us buy new equipment and continue our vital work.

Become a Supporter

BDMLR is a registered charity and receives funding through subscriptions and donations. Becoming a BDMLR supporter means you are directly helping the charity save marine animals and develop our resources and training. You don’t have to train and volunteer for rescues to be a supporter.

Our updated supporters package for 2020 includes the following:

  • Postcard
  • Keyring
  • 2x Car/Window Stcikers
  • Regular email updates on rescues and news

Please email to get a form!


BDMLR’s work and technical equipment is hugely costly and we pay for a lot of it through fundraising. This is one area our supporters and volunteer medics can help greatly. Please take a look at our Fundraising page to see how you can get involved!

Our Christmas Raffle!

Our Christmas raffle is all online this year due to Covid-19. Please take a look at the wonderful prizes that have been donated and purchase tickets below:

Make a donation

If you would like to help with a specific area or project, BDMLR always welcomes donations. You might like to donate to help us buy a particular piece of equipment such as hand held radios or seal bags/crates. Donations can be made via JustGiving, Facebook or by calling us on 01825 765546.

Become a Marine Mammal Medic

We always need more Marine Mammal Medics to join our rescue teams throughout the UK to enable us to continue our vital first response. Please note you do not need to be a diver, but do need to be 18 years of age or older to be called out to rescues for insurance purposes.

You also do not need to live near the sea. If you visit the coast at anytime, having rescue knowledge and skills, should you find an animal in distress while on holiday is invaluable. Take a look at our ‘Courses’ tab for more information.