Save Our Seals: Help build a new seal pup hospital!

Our aim:

We want to open a brand new, purpose-built seal pup hospital with more than double the capacity we currently have. The building has been carefully designed to ensure an optimal environment for the pups during their first stage of rehabilitation. It will also feature a state-of-the-art training facility, enabling us to keep our volunteers knowledge up to date with the most recent developments in seal pup care. 

Cornwall region:

Cornwall is one of our busiest regions in the country for calls to seal pups. 

For over 10 years now, BDMLR have not only been rescuing pups from around the South-West region, but we have also been taking them into our own seal pup hospital. This hospital acts as an essential overflow for the regions larger rehabilitation centres, and we aim to provide temporary, emergency care for seal pups until spaces become available at the larger centres. There they can fully complete their rehabilitation and get ready for release.

So far, the hospital has admitted over 550 seal pups who would otherwise have had nowhere else to go in their time of need. Each pup’s care has been under the direct supervision of veterinary surgeons experienced with seals and supported by a fantastic community of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure pups are kept comfortable, fed and clean.

The need for growth:

As the numbers of calls have increased, so have the numbers of seal pups who require urgent care. This has placed a huge demand on our small hospital, with resources being stretched to their limits and volunteers working around the clock to ensure every pup gets what it needs. With the onset of the COVID pandemic, we have finally reached a critical point.

We are determined to keep up with the demands being placed on us but, with no room for expansion at our current location, to do this we require a new facility to be built.

What can you do to help?

We are so excited about this project and the security it will provide vulnerable seal pups with for years to come, but to make it happen we urgently need your support.

With your help, we have now reached initial target of £30,000 for our new seal pup hospital but our Crowdfunder is still open! Any extra donations will help towards getting new equipment, resources and training to further help the seals that need it.

You can help our crowdfunder campaign by making a donation and sharing our story on your social media! Please click the link below to visit our crowdfunder page.

Our Thank You Page!

Organisations and individuals have supported our crowdfunder and made donations. Take a look at our wonderful donors who have helped us by donating over £150 towards building our seal pup hospital here.