Our Missions and Goals

British Divers Marine Life Rescue’s mission is to provide assistance to any aquatic (marine and freshwater) animal in need of help.

It does this through the training of specialist marine mammal medics and deploying them around the country. Teams use an array of specialist rescue and PPE equipment to facilitate the rescue and release of animals from mammals (seals and cetaceans, and the odd otter) plus turtles and even fish.

BDMLR attempts to attend all call outs it receives whether that is simply checking a seal reported by a member of the public to a full blown environmental disaster such as an oil spill. It has medics and various pieces of specialised equipment located around the UK coast and works with rehabilitation centres and experts in many fields of animal rescue.

Over the years BDMLR has built a reputation for its high standard of work and exceptional knowledge and has been contacted by many overseas organisations and governments to assist with training personnel or providing rescuers and gear.


BDMLR’s training programme provides knowledge of marine animals, rescue techniques and equipment available to ensure successful rescue.

Our medics are all volunteers and can become involved in the organisation as much or as little as they want. BDMLR also provides ongoing training and skills development to ensure medics are as highly trained as possible.