Can I become a volunteer?

Yes, we offer marine mammal medic courses that train individuals in whale, seal and dolphin rescue techniques. Once you have completed our course, you will become a volunteer marine mammal medic with us!

Our courses consist of online lectures and a practical day. The lectures will be emailed out a week before the practical session and must be watched before the practical session to build some prior knowledge.

The majority of our courses are wet courses (the practical element is at the waters edge) and these require a wetsuit/drysuit and suitable footwear to be worn. We do also run some dry courses which cover the same practical elements as the wet courses but are not near the water.

What qualifications do I need to become a Marine Mammal Medic?

No qualifications or experience is required to become a marine mammal medic with us, just a love and passion for marine life!

How much is the annual subscription and insurance for medics?

The first years subscription and insurance for medics is included in the course fee. After the first year, the fee is £30 (or £25 on standing order) per year to keep your subscription and insurance up to date with us.

Do we run courses specifically for vets?

We do not run courses specifically for vets however once you have completed our marine mammal medic course, our vet consultant has further resources and support available for vets and RVN’s.

What happens after I have completed a marine mammal medic course?

Once you have completed our marine mammal medic course, you will be added to our call out list based on your postcode. If a marine mammal is in distress or requires a check in your area, then you will receive a text and you only respond if you are available.

This structure is fantastic as it suits most people whether you work full time and only have time to volunteer at weekends or whether you work shifts or have lots of free time!

Do we hire wet/drysuits?

No, as courses are run all over the UK and our head office is in Sussex, it is not feasible to these out unfortunately. We advise that you either borrow or hire a wet/drysuit from a friend or local diving shop or purchase a second hand one.

How often do we run courses?

We aim to run at least one course a year in each area although sometimes more depending on demand. If there is not currently a course in your area or a course that suits you, please email info@bdmlr.org.uk with your location to be added to the waiting list.