Folk band Hector Gannet supporting BDMLR!

A folk band based in North East England have teamed up with British Divers Marine Life Rescue and Wild Intrigue to support their wildlife and habitat conservation work.  Hector Gannet has a new four track EP titled ‘Into The Deep’, and first track of which is a brand new ‘Lanterns’ mix of Into The Deep by Lanterns On The Lake released on the 8th September.

Aaron Duff from the band said “An important aspect of this release is that the band and I really want to highlight the negative effects on nature, suffered by irresponsible actions. To do so we’ve been working alongside some lovely people who hold these same interests at heart as we do, and who do a great job in trying to reverse the effects.”

Dan Jarvis, Welfare Development and Field Support Officer for BDMLR, added: “Our volunteer rescue teams often come across marine mammals that have been affected by human activity sadly, whether that be through entanglement in litter, sickness from ingesting pollution, and more recently the more noticeable effects of climate change. There are many things we can all do to help reduce our impact on the planet and make the world a better one for the wildlife we share it with. Hector Gannet have come up with a hugely creative way of sharing conservation messages to new and more diverse audiences than we have been able to reach before via the medium of music, while at the same time supporting our ongoing efforts to rescue sick and injured animals. This is a great new partnership opportunity that we are very thankful for having been asked to be a part of, and we are keen to see it flourish.”

Hector Gannet are massively inspired by the work done by WI and BDMLR  so they’ve decided to make the EP and associated merchandise available in a way that will ensure anyone getting involved will indirectly contribute to these amazing organisations.  Profits from these items will be shared with WI and BDMLR to support their efforts – please check out the website here:

For further information, upcoming tour dates and a sneak preview of the superb animated video, which features artistic talents of Deb Snell and Multiminded Media focusing on the problems we are looking to highlight, then head over to