International Dolphin Day!

We would like to celebrate this day with a cheerful summary of some recent dolphin rescues! 😊

At the end of last year/beginning of this year, our medics refloated 3 dolphins in 2 different locations. 2 Common Dolphins in South Essex and 1 in Hayle, Cornwall. The situations were both very different; one being in mud and the other on a sandy beach however our medics worked around the obstacles and challenges that they were faced with.

All 3 of these dolphins were extensively assessed and with some advice from vets, were agreed to be in suitable condition to be refloated. Our medics used many resources including PPE, help from other organisations such as the RNLI (Essex Rescue) and all their knowledge from our marine mammal medic training courses throughout these rescues to make them a success. 📚

Our training courses, resources and equipment are absolutely key for when situations like these occur and our medics always do their absolute best to ensure a positive and successful outcome.

We thank you all for your support especially at this difficult time and hope that you are all staying safe. 

Photo Credit: BDMLR and RNLI