Live Stranded Dolphin – Barry Buddon Point 2019

BDMLR received a call out for a live stranded dolphin at Barry Buddon point at approximately 2pm on Saturday 7th September. Our volunteer medics made their way to the location as well as Scottish SPCA.

After initial assessments, BDMLR medics found that the common dolphin was male and 1.82m in length with a few injuries such as missing fluke tip and sunburn to one side. Although a tricky situation, a successful refloat was achieved once area coordinator, Smudger, and other medics arrived including Alison, Karen, Megan, Zoe and Rebecca.

A huge thank you to the members of public, volunteer medics, out of hours coordinator Teri, Scottish SPCA and our consultant vet, Natalie who all played a huge part in this rescue. 

Photos courtesy of: Karen Dowers and Megan Reith