Mass Stranding Exercise held in Suffolk

BDMLR held its second Mass Stranding Exercises for 2023, on 23 July, this time at Sizewell beach, Suffolk.

Around 30 of our volunteer Medics took part in a scenario played out through the day with multiple model whales stranded on the beach (with dolphin models standing in as calves) for the team to assess and provide first aid to. Meanwhile, events cropped up through the day with changes in animal health condition, logistical issues and a couple of role played characters for the team members in leadership roles to be challenged with.

MSEs provide a great opportunity for our volunteers to put into practice a range of skills, working as a refresher session as well as a chance to learn new things, working in a team and understanding more the difficulties of these type of incidents if they were to happen for real. Valuable experience is gained and as always learning points are given as feedback in a post-event debrief to help us all in the charity identify areas for improvement.

We’re very much looking forward to our next one!