Media consent form

Sending images: To send images (photographs) please email the originals in the highest resolution to: You may have to send them in batches if you have a lot. Alternatively you can send using wetransfer. If you have never used wetransfer before email and we will guide you through the simple process. Sending video: Due to the large file size of videos please only send using wetransfer, again using the ‘to’ email address as
I hereby grant British Divers Marine Life Rescue [BDMLR] permission and give my consent to the use of the described photograph(s) or video as identified above for presentation under any legal use.

I understand that the images may appear in any material (print or electronic) produced by BDMLR for education and marketing purposes. I also understand BDMLR may distribute the works to third parties for the purposes of media distribution [news]. The images will not be sold by BDMLR and you will retain copyright at all times.

BDMLR will not include your personal details (such as postal addresses, or telephone number) in connection with the images, but will include a credit to you where possible and will instruct third parties to provide a credit also (although this is subject to their adherence to our conditions and no responsibility is borne by BDMLR if a third party fails to provide a credit).

This Authorization shall be valid for 10 years unless you instruct us via written communication to say otherwise.