Mother and calf rescue

HM Coastguard alerted BDMLR to a stranded adult dolphin on Barry Buddon Sands, Fife on Thursday 10 October. A team of medics were mobilised, and along with the RNLI and the Coastguard, they found an adult female common dolphin. The animal appeared to have no substantial injuries and was in good body condition so the decision was made to refloat her as soon as possible. The tide was at its lowest point, so the dolphin was transported closer to the water with the help of an ATV so a refloat could be attempted, however this was unsuccessful and the dolphin soon stranded again.

More medics were called upon and the animal was kept in shallow water so its breathing rate could stabilise, then a second attempt was made in deeper water which proved successful. After the release a search of the area was conducted and to the team’s surprise they came across a dolphin calf about a quarter mile east of the first animal. The calf was checked for injuries and once given the all clear, the team were happy for the dolphin to be refloated so that it could join it’s mother.

This is the second dolphin rescue at this location in a month, both being successful!

With thanks to our Marine Mammal Medics Callum, Megan, Daire, Jess, Bernadette, Alison, and Area Coordinator Smudger, and special thanks to Angus and Mearns Coastguard Team, Broughty Ferry RNLI and MOD 43 Commando for their help and support.

Photo Credit: Smudger (BDMLR)