Seal pup prefers Viking Bay steps

On Wednesday 29 April a recently rescued and released grey seal pup was found resting at the top of a set of steps at Viking Bay, Broadstairs. The pup had found itself at the top of the steps after a high tide, leaving it stranded there in full view of people out walking along the promenade. The pup was left to rest overnight in the hope that by morning it would have returned to the water on the next high tide.

This was not the case and early the next morning we started to receive more calls, so a local medic was sent out alone to check on the animal. Someone had already roped off the top of the steps so the seal was safe, it looked to be in good condition and it had a visible white flipper tag, indicating it had recently been in a rescue centre. A quick call went in to the RSPCA Wildlife Centre in Hastings, and the seal was identified as a male pup released just one month ago.

The seal was again left on the steps where it could continue to rest and was checked on again later in the afternoon. By now the tide had started to come in and he had entered the water, although he was soon hauling back out on the steps and was watched climbing back to the top. The seal is showing no signs of illness or injury so we hope he will be gone by the morning, once the rough weather has passed over

Photo: Jez Stone