Trustees’ Award: Darryl Thorpe

Darryl Thorpe has been awarded a prestigious Outstanding Contribution to Marine Mammal Rescue Award by BDMLR’s Trustees. He earned the accolade because of his long service as a vet consultant for BDMLR and his work setting up and co-managing BDMLR’s first seal unit in Cornwall. Darryl was presented with the award by BDMLR Director of Welfare and Conservation Dan Jarvis.

“Working alongside Darryl was a real privilege, learning from and supporting one another at our original seal unit in Cornwall over the years and facing the most difficult of times during the seal crisis of 2017/18 when a series of climate change-exacerbated storms resulted over 250 callouts in six weeks here. We also worked together on a national level when I began working for the charity too, attending meetings and writing protocols for BDMLR. I have the greatest respect for his knowledge and everything he done for the local team and wider charity. His contributions have undoubtedly helped shape and direct the charity into growing to be where we are today, for which we are eternally grateful,” said Dan.

The Outstanding Contribution to Marine Mammal Rescue Awards (or Trustees’ Award for short) are chosen by BDMLR Trustees Alan Knight, Mark Stevens, Geoff Hammock, Faye Archell and Gavin Parsons and presented to people who have gone above and beyond for the charity and demonstrated a dedication to helping the marine environment in a positive way.

This year there are 10 awards, however, due to the nature of the charity and the number and spread of directors and trustees not everyone will be presented at the same time, so over the coming weeks you will see who has received an award.